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Friday 5 January 2018

How to Study abroad with Full Scholarship

How to Study abroad for Free
Often students aspiring to study abroad are faced with the problem of funds. The minimum budget required for international education often surpasses the maximum funds available to the students, thereby disturbing the ratio. While university fees continue to rise in many parts of the world, some of you might be thinking and often raise the question that getting a recognized degree qualification, either in your home country or abroad, is simply impossible without having a four or five figure budget at your disposal, or without obtaining a scholarship. Read here about the ways to fund abroad studies.
This somewhere breaks the dreams of hundreds of students who aspire for an international degree for:
  • Quality Education
  • Standard of living
  • Exposure
  • Cultural Experiences
  • A Reputed Degree
However, this is not always the case! If you have done your proper research you might know that there are many countries worldwide where students are able to study abroad for free or for a very affordable amount; you just need to know where to look and what suits your needs!
Therefore, here we list down and highlight the points which can make your studying abroad free of cost and the best countries for Indian students. Let’s get started! 

Countries Providing Education Free of Cost

 These are the countries which are providing education without any costs:
  • Germany

Funds for Abroad study

Germany with time has seen a surge in its demand for education at international level. The reason behind this is not only the environment and quality advancement but most importantly, the significance of education Germany seeks to pursue, i.e., quality education free of cost.
Be it native students of Germany or the international students, Germany charges no tuition fees from its students and only charges a minimal admission amount of €150-250 (~US$160-265) to cover administration costs.
Offering low study costs, Germany maintains its quality of education greatly and maintains a high position in technological advancement. It maintains a top position in the manufacturing industry and contributes to Germany’s strong economy thereby leading to excellent higher education. Indeed, in a recent HSBC report on ‘The Value of Education’, Germany is among the top five countries in the world in terms of perceived quality of education among surveyed parents. More than 40 German universities are featured among the world’s leaders in the World University Rankings – again, beaten only by the US and UK.
Although the tuition fees provide some relief, the living expenses are still very high to cope up with. However, due to the presence of manufacturing industries, students easily find a part-time job to support their stay. Also, if a student wishes to work in Germany after the completion of their course; Germany provides a time period of 18 months to the students to find a job for themselves and get placed there, thereby assuring a promising future entirely.

Thus, the colleges in Germany providing such amenities are-
  • Freie University of Berlin
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Heidelberg University
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
There are several such universities besides these which fulfill the required needs of students. Two of the top destinations for study in Germany, Munich and Berlin, were also ranked within the top 20 most affordable cities to study in the QS Best Student Cities 2017.

  • USA and Canada

USA and Canada_Abroadpedia

USA and Canada serve as the topmost choice of Indian students; especially Canada. The reason being its climate suitability and cultural acceptability. If we list down, from the top 100 colleges and universities of these two countries there are several universities that provide 100% scholarship to the students.
This being the first point of concern, secondly, there are also some universities that provide on-campus part-time jobs to the students. The implication of this is that it controls the living expenses to a great extent. The scholarships control the tuition fees and the part-time jobs cut the living expenses- A situation of double advantage!
Moreover, there are also colleges which do not provide scholarships. There is no need to worry as there are private scholarships available and one can apply for that too. Thereby, bringing down to the conclusion that a course can be free of cost and expenditures can be curtailed to a great extent.
Some of the colleges from the top 100 colleges’ are:
  • Case Western Reserve University (USA)
  • Texas A&M University (USA)
  • Cornell University (USA)
  • University of Calgary (Canada)
  • Humber College (Canada)

  • United Kingdom

Study abroad

Another remarkable option for international students in the United Kingdom. The stay in the UK helps students experience cultural diversity and gain maximum exposure. Besides this, the degrees earned in the UK are highly reputed in the job market and holds high value.
There are many universities and colleges that provide a scholarship to international students in the UK. The benefit provided by this is that the students can either use the entire scholarship in tuition fees or manage and control the living expenses with it. Whatever suits their needs? This somewhere differentiates the UK scholarship with the other countries. The most astounding fact is that after the USA, UK is the only country that provides the highest number of scholarship facilities to its students and simultaneously maintains the quality of education provided.
For instance, University College of London is one of the topmost and the most reputed institution in the world. Its origin dates back to 1901 and acknowledges a golden history in terms of education. The college has produced 29 Nobel Prize Winners and is continuously dedicated to maintaining this heritage. This university contributes 9000 pounds towards scholarships and provides the students with the freedom of opportunity to use this fund the way they want to, that is entirely or partially use it for tuition fees or to control living expenses.
Other colleges that provide such opportunity are-
  • University of Westminster
  • University of Bristol
  • University of West London
  • University of The West of England
  • Sheffield Hallam University
The UK specifically is known for its cultural diversity and nightlife. This somewhere provides a student with new experiences and recreation leading to more exposure and better grooming and personality development.

  • Italy

Although private universities in Italy can be known to charge fairly high tuition fees, public universities in Italy are markedly cheaper ranging between €850 and €1,000 (~US$900-1,060) per year.
Having made its position recognized in the topmost economies of the world, Italy is one of the best options for the international students.EU students and other international students are eligible for the same funding opportunities as Italian students, including loans, grants, scholarships and fee waivers. Living costs in Italy are also not as high as you might expect. Two of the colleges that wage Zero Tuition Feesare-
  • Scuola Normale Superiore University- This University provides a scholarship to 78 students in all and the scholarship is such that it covers the tuition fees as well as the living expenses of the students.
  • Bocconi University- This University is well known for its UG Programme and provides 11500 Euros for it. This university provides 12700 Euros for advanced studies and masters degrees. Also, one must note that unlike Scuola University, this university provides all the funds strictly in the form of tuition fees which covers your entire education budget for the course.

Also, one must also know that after completing your education in Italy, the Government of Italy provides one year of Schenegen Visa which helps you to find a job in those Schenegen countries in that specified time and get settled there. In the most recent QS Best Student Cities, while capital city Rome is 65thMilan is ranked 33rd.

How to apply?
One must note that different colleges have different procedures to apply. For that a thorough research and understanding should be done. Basically there are three types-
  • Form submission which will require you to submit a write-up. From that the most eligible students will be shortlisted.
  • Presentation on different topics will judge your analytical and speaking skills.
  • Besides this there are several other specific rules, available on the site of different Universities.
To avoid confusion, a student must make a note of different requirements of different colleges and then start working on it accordingly.

As it is said, hard work is the key to success.
Therefore, the students striving to study abroad in future can start their research from the very beginning onwards to land themselves in their international dream college and university in a controlled and supplemented budget which will solely be based on their hard work and dedication. What are your views on this post? Please do share in the comments section. Also, do not forget to give your feedback and suggestions.

Make correct choices and see your dream convert into reality.
All the Best!


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