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Saturday 30 December 2017

Undergraduate scholarships programs in Canada for international students.

Scholarship programs in Canada

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for every student. It leads to both academic as well as personal growth and development. It teaches self-reliance and also helps in discovering more about oneself. Studying abroad is a dream for many students but they cannot fulfil their desire due to lack of knowledge regarding the ways to fund abroad studies. There are some methods which can help the students to afford abroad studies. A scholarship is one of them. Read here for other ways to fund your studies abroad. Many countries are providing a chance to study in the top colleges and universities on the basis of scholarships. Canada is also one of them to have good scholarship programs for the students living any corner of the world. Since Canada has a lot of globally recognised universities and it is well-known for providing quality education, many students prefer to study there. There are a number of undergraduate scholarships for international students in Canada. Here are some scholarship programs that can be applied to in 2018 for higher studies in Canada.

Scholarships for undergraduate students all over the world, in Canada
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These are the best scholarships for undergraduate students having any nationality but willing to study in Canada:
  • Canada York University International Circle of Scholars Scholarship 2018  

  • This scholarship program is for the students who want to take admission in graduation. York University is a research college for the students situated in Toronto in Canada. Students of any nationality are eligible for the scholarship program running at the York University and it is provided in the field of Arts, Media, Professional Studies, Environmental Studies, Health, Design, Science and Engineering. The total amount of wealth awarded as the scholarship is $15,000 which is around nine lakh rupees. To apply for this scholarship, applicants are required to maintain ‘A’ grade, average or equivalent academic achievement. This award is only for the first year students and they are required to be graduated from secondary school within the past two years. Applications are available online here.
  • Prestige Scholarships at Carleton University in Canada, 2018

This scholarship program is also for the students of under graduation. Carleton University is situated at Ottawa in Canada which is providing the best empowerment to the students who wants to study in abroad. This scholarship is awarded only to study the subjects offered by the university. A good English skill is required to this scholarship and students are needed to show a high level of English proficiency. High school merit of 90 percent is needed for this scholarship. Prestige scholarship is provided to the citizens of all nationalities. The last date for applying is 1 March 2018. Click here for the application form.

International Entrance Scholarships and Awards at the University of Calgary in Canada, 2018

  • The University of Calgary is awarding this scholarship to the students all over the world. This program is offered to the students entering the first year in an undergraduate degree. English proficiency is required to the benefit criteria of this program. The scholarship is given to study the subjects offered by the university. Click here to apply.

Canada has the best scholarships program for undergraduate students all over the world and the awarded money is extreme enough for the expenses of studies in abroad. Also, the undergraduate scholarships for international students are very literal as it is free from the criteria of nationality and status. Graduation pursuing students can apply for this and go further in the fields of Arts, Science, Professional courses, Designing and Media etc in Canada and they can continue their award by maintaining the required merit in the particular university.
Today, it is not wrong to say that it is easy and affordable to study in abroad according to one’s choice. Canada is providing a golden chance to every student in the world to study at the top college or university through scholarships. Read here for the other reasons why Canada is considered as one of the best study abroad destinations. The scholarship programs are basically for welfare and development of the students living any corner of the world. These are present to make sure that every deserving child is deprived of quality education. Did you find this information about scholarships in Canada useful? Please share your views in the comments. Also, do mention your suggestions and feedback.

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