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Saturday 16 December 2017

Math wizard Anand Kumar's 'Super 30' concepts goes online

Math wizard Anand Kumar's 'Super 30' concepts goes online to help more students crack IIT-JEE, from all across India. So far, Kumar has been selecting his students for Super 30 on his own state who can't afford coaching for IIT JEE, but now he is approachable to other students through videos, live tutoring and assessments online.

Recently, Anand Kumar tied up with Benaluru based iScholar Education Services Pvt. Ltd, an on-demand online education and learning services with a mission to bring social change through delivery of affordable learning content.

"Realizing the inaccessibility to seek high quality coaching for millions of IIT-JEE aspirants in the country due to issues of access and affordability, iScholar is taking the initiative through iScholar's 'i30 JEE program to deliver quality service. Now Anand Kumar is approachable to all the students, who want to learn from him," said Shridhar M Upadhye Chief Business officer, iScholar.

Adding on Anand Kumar said, "It will be exciting to reach much more students with this online course. Through Super 30 I can only train 30 students, or may be increase it to 10 more, but this online course will connect me to more talented students across India."

The course will be available online for Rs 9,999 for a year and curriculum will include 150 hours classes for Physics and Mathematics and 120 hours for Chemistry. There will be 44 weekly assessments, 10 months and 2 mock tests. Course has been developed by Anand Kumar and his team.

"Anand Kumar is well known for his passion for math, he is also a columnist for national and international mathematics journals. His 'Super 30' program focuses on underprivileged but intelligent 30 students, to whom he provides books, boarding, lodging, and an opportunity to crack the IIT-JEE, but only in Bihar. Our idea is to make him accessible to more and more students. We have a query system where students can question him about doubts and they will get back to students as soon as possible. Also the course is affordable for a year, in comparison to other yearly coaching courses," added Shridhar later.

Students can register for the course now.

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